the man I lost

You have perfected your corners
Sharpened them with the finest wine
While this summer aches in my arms
With disoriented faces hanging
On thin branches of my skin
Where I shall never see you again.

This bottomless pit on your cheeks
A void between your lips
The stars never rejoiced
Unless it was an empty night
The berries you planted are pickled
Inside a jar, their bodies degrade.

I would have asked you
About the grief of the volcano
The magma that bleed last night
From your ink I saw a fire
Extinguishing on the paper
A dried ache often takes shape
Of a wet poem that speaks often
Understands rarely.

The ladders are huge
A statue rests between the bridge
A mountain glows on your side
Theriver burns in my part
the ladders are huge
Our love was small.

A stretch of yellow sky
The sunset below your tongue
O man! You aren’t what I perceived you to be
A loss I probably would love to carry.

ยฉSameera Mansuri 2019.


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