Counting Stars

I count stars on my fingers
One Two and Three
Until they turn into infinity
I count from zero again
And reach to certain certainty
I count till my fingers are tired
And eyes strain with fading shine
Somewhere in me a two year old is still alive
Surviving just another night
I count stars on her little fingers
As though she is real
Talking to the stars I can’t see
I look at the shine in her eyes
And listen to her stories from the sky above me
What she did today? How was her day and how she wanted it to be?
I am witnessing her life
I wish that life was mine
Knowing it is me only
Just in a small packet
(Sigh! Where I am ? Is this was the place I always wanted to be?)
She fades away and so does the stars
The morning pats my back and I turn my head down
I still count stars on my fingers
Wishing they might lead me to my home
The home where two year old me once lived
The home, that exists now only in my poetry.

Β©Sameera Mansuri 2018

A bitter- sweet one for a change.πŸ’–


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